Current paradigm: Water = Energy Carrier

The Paradigm we are living in is that water is an efficient energy carrier. We can store energy in water by pumping it to a higher reservoir. Or we can boil water to steam and run a turbine (not very efficient though). We can electrolyse water and store the hydrogen part of the gas produced. When we need electricity we release the hydrogen gas through a fuel cell. The holy paradigm we live in is that the Coëfficient of Productivity (COP) can NEVER be more than 1. 

If one tells us that he/she reaches COP's of more than 1, that is too good to be true. Or...He has invented a perpetuum mobile....and hence.....his story can't be true... because we all know that PM's are not possible. And that is why it is not true. Because we have learned so at school and university. 

If you agree to the above paradigm, please stop reading. If you wish to know, please be welcome to the future paradigm in which water is a source of energy. 

New paradigm: Water := Energy

The world will change to the paradygm that water is full of energy. Thus, water will help to reduce CO2 emission drastically. You can download our vision on the change of the energy market and what we can do to accellerate this development: The Water Energy Transition

Water can be split with resonance. The water molecule is shaken apart by certain vibrations. This is the field of Resonance Technology. Several types of vibrations can be applied to split the water molecule: PWM-electrolysis, Radiolysis, Low-temperature Resonance, Thermolysis (high temperatures) and Plasmolysis. Watergas.EU has collected some proofs of this paradigm shift. 

It is hard to prove HHO-Watergas proper, since normal physics do not apply. Several companies are preparing to enter the market with HHO-applications. One developing company has recently closed a contract with an international investor. An Watergas.NU has received funding for a first Water-CV prototype of another developer. Efficiencies of resonance electrolysis range from 20 times the input electricity (COP > 20) to over 100. One can also harvest the energy of water with plasma technology (COP's > 10). In practice we have seen devices that melt Tungsten at 3500 oC with an input of about 300 Watt (Plazarium and Multiplaz). 

Proof (3): Motor running on water!

On February 9th of 2016) Euronews in her Hi-Tech section on the motor cycle running on water of inventor Ricardo Azevedo. Hope this video will go viral! This is important news because once more it proves in practice that water is a source of energy. 

Proof (2): Water boils faster than normal

The best way to test your calculation is by practice. We have purchased a Multiplaz 3500. That is a water-plasma torch. Because the torch is a water-flame, it should continue to burn under water. The oxygen the torch needs is carried by itself. Thus, we boiled  30 cl of water by 'direct heating' with the torch. After one minute the water boils. The capacity is 4 A x 240 V = 960 watts, say 1 kW. We have also boiled 1 liter of water with a household water heater with a capacity of 2 kW. It took nearly four minutes. With our 1kW -torch that would take us about eight minutes for one liter. 30 cl (0.3 liters) would therefore take about 2.4 minutes. But ...  the water boils after one minute! The Water Plasma Torch obviously brings more energy into the water, then the electrical energy flowing through the plasma torch. So water is converted by plasma technology into a source of energy. Interestingly the trial calculation of Proof (1) is more or less confirmed. Also this observation is confirmed by the work of other developers in our network. The test is conducted by 'WEPs'.  our working group 'Water Energy Pioneers' with very limited resources. Now we are looking for partners to carry out the test scientifically.

Proof (1): Thermodynamics calculation

Watergas.EU has calculated the process of plasmolysis (see underneath sheet). Calculation is based on thermodynamics. But a physics PHD told me that the calculation is not correct. Plasma can not be calculated with thermo-dynamic formula. That is correct, but... our calculation is true until the point that dry water vapor falls apart into hydrogen and oxygen. That doesn't happen all of a sudden, but steadily from about 475 oC (?) to about 3000 oC. The heat and kinetics of the electron arc further enhance plasma formation. In our calculation we have (for safety) assumed that the gas is fully heated to 3000 oC thermodynamically. So our calculation is to be considered as a first estimation. 

Please support us with your thinking power. Read the 'Proof' carefully and send us your alternative. We recently received data from the Multiplaz plasmatron: water consumption amounts to 80 ml per 20 minutes. With 175 Volt input of 8 Amperes this produces a torch of about 8000 oC.

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The Water Dragon

The chairman of the Watergas.NU Foundation Caspar Pompe has written a four part story on what he calls 'The WaterDragon'. He explains in normal language how plasmolysis, one particular type of water-energy technology, works. How the world may look like and about new concepts of up-cycling industry. It is a prelude to Water Energy Technology. 

Part I is an essay on 'What if water is a fuel?'.
Part II introduces the WaterDragon. 
Part III deals with the math, proving that Water is indeed a source of Energy. 
Part IV takes us to the business: application of water-energy in the recycling industry.

Have fun reading! Your comment is welcome at: welcome@watergas.EU. Looking forward to fresh ideas on water-energy!

Water-related energy breakthrough?

On several fronts new Water-Energy technologies breakthrough. Water-related energy has really never been away. The difference is that new applications are introduced by both small and big enterprises. more...

With the funds received we are now working on building a prototype by one of the HHO-companies in our network. We hope the funding is sufficient. After testing the prototype we will look for interested industrial partners for further development steps. If you are interested in taking a licence, please write to

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Validation hybrid warm-water production

•HHO Central Heatingl 
 saves  100% natural gas
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•Scaling-up after demo-phase  
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 Energiecoöperation  Greenhouse  Energy (NL)
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Establishment planned beginning of 2016
Delivery of Energy to local energy cooparatives and SME.

We start with delivery of warm water.  

The constituing team (Caspar Pompe, Berno Schouten, Pier Winsemius, Merijn Rutgers) welcomes suggestions. 

Basics of Watergas

Basics of HHO-Watergas - is HHO more powerful than Hydrogen? Watergas.EU has produced a spreadsheet model that informs you on basic properties of Watergas. Several types of watergas generators are included. If you like to receive the calculation model, please send us a request. In this quest to express Watergas in accepted physical terms, we come to three different specific energy values of Hydrogen. Please add your comment. 


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About watergas

Watergas (HHO) is 'gas made of water'.

Pure cold watergas or 'HHO' is produced on demand by means of electrolysis and resonance technology. A hot Watergas can be made by thermolysis and radiation. 

The picture shows a gas furnace. On the left without - and on the right with the addition of watergas to the natural gas.

Water-Energy breakthroughs


Proof (2): Water = Energy!

Efficiency at least 196%!

Water becomes a source of energy!

Now it's still a 'garage - experiment'. We hope to come up with a more scientific version . Yes, we know that the presentation is not optimal, but we don't want you to wait for a better video. 

Call for scientific falsification

Please find the description of the experiment and it's calculation. We propose that the experiment is executed in university laboratories. It is important that water energy is adopted by science. Please contact Mr Caspar Pompe

Amazing water torch

Standard video!

Watergas has many names, such as HHO, Watergas or Brownsgas. HHO-Watergas is not the same as hydrogen (H2). Watergas is more powerful. Watergas or HHO has special properties. Danny Klein from the USA shows us in underneath video (1994?) the power of a watergas torch. read more....

Must see video for advanced visitors...

Moray B, King explains the link between HHO-Watergas and 'free energy' or 'zero-point energy'. Please get a glass of wine and a note pad. The video takes a good hour to watch.....!

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